Thursday, September 1

She swings!

Lucy went on a swing for the 2nd time ever today.  The 1st time she didn't cry but she held onto the sides with a death grip and had a look of sheer terror on her face.  Today she was happy and relaxed and smiling from ear to ear.  What did your kiddies do the first time they went swinging?



  1. (found your link on my friends blog!)
    looks like you're new here! so welcome :)

    my kids lovee the swing. Lucy looks so happy, and of course cute as a button!

  2. I am new- or returning after a long hiatus depending on how you look at it :). Thank you for the warm welcome!

  3. unlike the majority of his tiddler compadres, o-o is ambivalent about swinging. he often tries to flip himself out of the seat mid-swing, most alarming... what a sweeto your little lucy is, congratulations!