Monday, September 26

Happy Monday!

What did ya'll do?  We had a wonderful, relaxing weekend and had the best time on Sunday at a local Balloon Festival.  We decided to go last minute and brave the 5am wake up to get there in time for the scheduled 6:30 launch.  Lucy slept the whole car ride and woke up happy as a clam when we got there - (thank goodness).  Unfortunately because of the fog no balloons were able to launch but it was still magical to see all these colorful balloons take over the skyline and Lucy was mesmerized.   Did you do anything unexpected over the weekend?



  1. i wish i could see a balloon festival... on my life list is to ride in one. :) what a beautiful baby girl. <3

    ps. can you believe i have not yet read "a history of love" though it's been on my to-read list? i search for it in every used bookshop.. i should just buy it off amazon already! thanks for the reminder.

  2. It's on my life list too :)! And you absolutely should read the history of love, you'll love it! And they have it used on amazon for super cheap.