Thursday, September 15

Day Trip

Its been pretty rainy lately and we've been feeling cooped up so the other weekend we headed to MASS MoCA - have you ever been?  The installations are amazing, it was such a great place to spend a rainy day.  It was also just so refreshing to do something new and different. It seems since Lucia was born we've said no to so many things and events, worried about her getting tired, or fussy, or crying in the car but now we've gotten to the point that we've simply accepted it.  She might cry or fuss in the car but we'll get through it, things might be more challenging sometimes or more fun.  In fact the trip to MASS MoCA was great, did she have a total meltdown for the entire ride home? Yup, she sure did.  Have we already forgotten about that by now? Yup, pretty much.

20110915-124346.jpg See Leo in the background with Lucia tucked into her Ergo?



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