Wednesday, September 7

Dance Party in My Head

In efforts to lose the baby pooch 9 months post Lucia's arrival I've been trying to go for runs more often.  When I run all sorts of thoughts go through my head.... I'm sooo exhausted, how can I get Lucia to sleep through the night?....what should I make for dinner?.....I wonder if my butt is too noticeably jiggly in these yoga pants....oh my! That woman is running really fast, I should be running faster! much further?   When I run I often think about my clients, replaying my sessions in my head..examining what I could have done differently.  Somedays thinking about all this stuff is a good thing, it helps me process, other days it seems that I get even more wrapped up in my own head.  Then there are days when I have a dance party in my head- I listen to pop, rap and reggaeton which aren't usually part of my musical rotation and I envision myself in some fabulous outfit, dancing...twisting, turning, bumping and grinding.  I'm not a great dancer, nor am I a big club go-er but somewhere in my head I'm pretty awesome.  Those are the days when I have the best runs.  I run fast.  I run happy and I forget about my jiggly butt.  What do think about when you run?  Please let me not be the only person who has the occasional dance party.....

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