Friday, September 2


I was recently was given what remains of my grandmother's collection of white pitchers (thanks grandma!).  While grateful to be gifted this collection, I wasn't exactly sure as to what to do them.  I had considered pitchers to be pretty but also more fitting with traditional and country styles so I initially couldn't quite see how to work them into my home.   After much searching I found some incredibly beautiful shots of white pitchers being incorporated into various styles of homes.

Here they're shown mixed in with other whites...white vases, white teapots. I love how they don't feel as formal because of being placed next to the chalkboard door to the (incredibly organized) pantry.


The black background really makes them pop and shows off the classic shape of the pitchers.


I'm loving how eclectic this home is.  The mid-century furniture paired with the vintage detail of the pitchers, works perfectly.

(Peter Frank's Home via House Beautiful)

Here white of the pitchers and tiles are broken up with pops of color.

(House Beautiful via House of Hydrangeas)

So with these images in mind I've placed the pitchers on two more industrial looking shelves (I like the contrast of the white with the wood and metal) and added in two vintage milk bottles (they were my grandfather's) to add some more dimension.   Once our dining room gets a little bit more put together I'll show you the full effect, I'm super excited about it!  In the meantime, here are the pitchers as of now.


Do you collect anything?  How do you show off your collection?

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