Monday, September 19

Lucy's Bedtime/Naptime Demands

- Mami & Papi's bed. No a crib just will not do. Please don't even try it, I can scream and cry way longer than you stand to listen to me. If you try to trick me by letting me fall asleep in Mami and Papi's bed and then move me to my crib, I will wake up, not immediately though I prefer to play tricks as well. My favorite is to let you think I'm sound asleep and then wake up screaming once you've settled comfortably on the couch, 15 minutes into Jersey Shore with a bowl of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Frozen Yogurt. Once we've repeated this scenario in half-hour increments, you will give up and put me in my rightful spot in Mami & Papi's bed.
- Mami or Papi must be present....But really preferably Mami because I want her to nurse me to sleep.
- I must be touching/pinching some part of skin to fall asleep, I am impartial to any particular body part, elbow, chest, eyelid, lip, all will suffice.
- I will periodically check to make sure you're still there for the duration. If you decide that you urgently have to pee and get out of bed for 2.2 seconds to do so, I will wake up.
- If I wake up and you are doing something other than sleeping, i.e, listening to your iPod, texting, reading... I will refuse to sleep any longer and request that you forfeit all electronic devices or reading materials immediately. However if I do wake up and you appear to be sleeping I will check by pinching your face and neck, when you respond I will smile and return to my sleeping state.
- I like to sleep like a starfish, in the center of the bed.
- Lastly, if I can not get comfortable in the middle of the night I will act out ninja moves, interspersed with some pinching of random body parts and periodically press my face into your face.

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  1. hi katherine, it's sian here from a cwtch & a cuppa blog. you have given me an idea for a print! please send me an email to sianuska {at} and i will explain all! also, i'd like to send you a print when they're done, if you'd like one. sorry to be cryptic, don't want interweb gremlins pinching the idea. hope to hear from you soon. x sian