Saturday, September 24

The best part....

The absolutely best part of my day lasts for about 15 minutes, it doesn't happen everyday, but the days that it does make me oh so happy. The days when my husband, Lucia and I have a couple of moments in bed playing. Esposo hiding from Lucia under the covers, she giggling like crazy when she finds him. Tickling. Blowing raspberries on her soft belly. Esposo gently kissing me on my forehead, Lucia looking on quizzically. Lucia giving us "kisses" (which are really little licks) on our cheeks. Me playing with Esposo's gorgeous dark hair. Lucia crawling, standing, tumbling. Her drooly smiles showing off her her two new teeth. Then suddenly time is up - back to laundry, cooking, showers, diaper changes, but those few moments are always the best part.


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