Tuesday, September 27

Preemptive Nostalgia

I wish someone would have told me that the months go by too fast, that she'd change so quickly, that I'd start to forget......how little she was, how she'd sleep all the time and fall into a milk coma after nursing, how she was so fuzzy when she was just born, how her tiny lips would form little "o's" and triangles, how she would sleep on his shoulder held up just by his forearm. 

I guess they did tell me but like everything in life I didn't really get it until now, until the time had already passed.  I see moms with their shiny new babies, sleeping peacefully in a room full of people, wrinkly with funny shaped heads and oh so tiny.  I want to tell them, it will go by so fast, they'll change so quickly.....  but I don't.  People have already told them that, I'm sure of it and I'm also sure that like me they won't truly get it until the time has passed. 

I took pictures of her laying in bed nursing the other day, he saw them and asked why, I started to tear up....because I'm so worried that I'll forget.  Sometimes the things that make me tremendously happy are same things that make me so incredibly sad because I just don't want to forget. 

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  1. I love how you say, "sometimes the things that make me tremendously happy are the same things that make me so incredibly sad because I just don't want to forget." I have felt the same way a lot lately, and looking at tiny newborn babies make me so full of longing and remembering.

  2. Oh, good for you for getting some shots of her nursing. That is one thing I don't have from either of my girls, and I regret it so, so much. Take all of the pictures (and videos!) that you can. You will never regret the memories you capture - only the ones you don't.

    And yes. Too fast. Much, much too fast.

  3. Heidi- I hear ya! Looking at newborns just amazes me.

    Megan- I keep trying to take pictures and videos but sometimes I feel like I can't keep up :)