Monday, October 3

Wrong Turn

I took a wrong turn today. She fell asleep when I was about to turn into my parent's driveway, so drove past and continued on.

Drove past my childhood friend's home, past the dam I used to run to, past horse barns, past a place where they sell maple syrup.

The weather is perfect, crisp, sunny. Chickadee is asleep in the back. Florence and the Machine coming through the speakers.

I take a left on a gravel road, I recognize the name of the road and I wonder if I know where I am or how to get back.

The road is rocky, there are no houses, no signs. I keep driving.

A creek runs down the middle of the road, she's still asleep and there is no way to turn around. There is no one around to ask directions.

I keep driving, knowing that even if I don't know exactly where I am at this very moment, I've already picked a direction and if I keep going I'll find myself exactly where I need to be.

And I did.

And I will.

This is my fourth post for Just Write. You can see my other posts, herehere and here.


  1. sometimes those are the best ways to "find ourselves". I love those kinds of drives :)

  2. Sometimes being lost is the best way to find your way!

  3. I really enjoyed this post--you effortlessly took me to where you were. The not knowing. The knowing. The being just exactly where you were. Beautiful.

  4. Thank you all for your kind words. It's amazing the realizations that can come from such an ordinary moment.

  5. Reminds me of the quote...
    "Not all who wander are lost"
    It's one of my favorites! :)