Wednesday, October 12

Oh really it's Wednesday?

I'm late. I have a tendency to be late. To procrastinate. I put things off. I have a long list things I have put off- wedding presents unsent, emails from dear friends that I haven't returned, DIY projects that just wait, a resume that desperately needs updating. I would like to blame this on being a new mom but I know that isn't really me being honest with myself. The reality is that I've always been this way. I remember not being able to go a pizza party in the 5th grade which had been a reward for kids who read 6 or more books during the school year, the sad part is I was total book nerd and read way more than 6 books but I didn't have my parents sign the form for each book I read and I don't know why. Laziness? Lack of motivation? Apathy? I was this way throughout high school and college. I've always been the person up all night, last minute type person. Ugh! This needs to change. It will change. But for now I'm being present. It's Wednesday not Tuesday.
Deep breath.
A long walk.
A short run.
A bagel with salmon cream cheese.
Extensive peek-a-boo.

Boo-boos, hugs, first time eating chicken sausage, practice walking, giggles, books, cuddles, kisses.

An ordinary day.

A happy day.

A Wednesday, not Tuesday.

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  1. Oh my, is this ever lovely- and relatable.

    I'm a last-minute-er, too.

    Also an extensive peek-a-boo-er.

    Let's hear it for Wednesdays, but not Tuesdays!

  2. i can relate :)

    lovely blog! i love your writing!