Monday, October 17

Floating Mediation Room

Way back when I lived in the city I use to mediate daily, it centered me in a way that nothing else ever really has.  Most days I would just meditate on my bed for 20 minutes in the morning first thing after I woke up, but twice a week after work I would go the zendo.  It was on a side street close to union square where I would sit in silence with a community of strangers, the stillness only occasionally broken by the sound of the traffic rushing below.  Each time I left the zendo I would feel a sense of calmness and rejuvenation.  After leaving the city I tried going to several meditation centers but none really felt right, I don't really know what felt wrong, but they just didn't work for me.  I would try to do longer sits by myself, but it didn't feel the same, the physical space just didn't feel right, too small, too closed, too cluttered.  Recently I've been thinking more and more about starting to practice mediation again, whether that be at a center or setting aside some space in my home that truly feels clutterless and open, I think my mind needs some space to breathe.  Today I came across this Floating Tea House, can you imagine having this type of space in your backyard?  It looks like the most amazing space to meditate, no distractions, calm, inviting and open.

(photos via Arch Daily)

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