Wednesday, October 19

Red Lipstick

So recently I've been thinking that my style is pretty stale - often fluctuating between a adolescent girl from the 90's and a frumpy middle aged woman.  Post-baby my old clothes aren't too big or too tight they just fit different, so maybe I need to spend some time going through old clothes, chucking what doesn't work anymore and investing in some new clothes I actually like and didn't just buy because they were on sale.  In addition to working on my clothes situation, I'd think I'd like to try wearing lipstick, some red lipstick, I just want to look like me, but with pretty red lips.

Do you wear lipstick?  I don't, well at least not daily, maybe for a date with Esposo but it's really light and I usually lean more towards a stain or a lipgloss.  When I put on lipstick I usually wind up feeling like a clown or waaay overdressed for daily life.  For my wedding my good friend who's far more fashionable than I kept insisting that I put on more lipstick and I thought she was crazy but I listened to her anyway and when I look back at the pictures I don't look like a clown, I just look like me with pretty red lips.

(images via The Sartorialist)

Aren't these ladies such fabulous inspiration?  The red lipstick really pulls everything together.

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