Sunday, October 9

DIY Dresser turned Kitchen Island

Have you ever seen a DIY dresser turned kitchen island? I certainly hadn't until I started looking for a island to help create some much needed work/storage space and I quickly found out that kitchen islands aren't cheap. That's when I knew I had to think creatively and after some googling I found some lovely examples of dressers converted into kitchen islands.
It took some looking to find the right dresser to use, it needed to have the right dimensions to make it work and then we came across the perfect one. Initially we had plans to paint it a charcoal color but then we decided that the wood was too beautiful to cover up with paint so instead we just cleaned it up and polished it a bit. Then we took off the top, attached a piece of 20 year old butcher block from my parents attic and ta-da! There you have a kitchen island for a third of the price!

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