Saturday, January 21

Christmas in January

So um yeah, I'm still talking about Christmas.

We were in Bogota for Christmas celebrating with Esposo's family and it was my first Christmas away from my family.  I was overjoyed to be there and so happy that Esposo was able to be with his family for the holidays when he hadn't been able to be there for 4 years.  In Colombia Christmas is really celebrated on the 24th, well at midnight to be exact.  Everyone hangs out, eats, dances and then at midnight there is a countdown just like on New Years and you pray and then open presents.  Then after being up and just visiting with each other until the wee hours every tucks into bed and sleeps in on Christmas day.  So much fun but also so different from a typical Christmas here in the States and I guess because of that I almost feel like my brain hasn't registered the fact that Christmas has come and is now (looong) gone.   Anways, all of this leads me to now tell you about how I've been a terrible, terrible blogger.

Way back in November I decided to join Micaela's annual Ornament Swap thinking it would give me a jump start to feeling Christmasy (and it did!).  I was paired with Isabel from Bourbon, Sugar & Mint and I sent off two pretty little Nutcrakers and she sent me an I Love Lucy ornament that she made herself!  So adorable and thoughtful, I was so touched when it came in the mail and I hung on our teeny tree right away, but then, I forgot to tell you all about it and I went to Colombia and came back and it was the middle of January, opps.   So here I am telling you, finally, about the incredibly sweet I Love Lucy ornament from Isabel, Thank you Isabel!