Wednesday, November 23


It's chilly outside, we keep the heat low, 65, but it's feels cozy and warm inside. 

Leo and Lucia are tucked into bed.  It's 10:30.  He couldn't sleep last night.  She woke up at 3:30 and didn't get back to sleep until 5 after first trying to nurse her back to sleep, then rocking her, then walking her.  He was awake and said he couldn't sleep so I slept in the guest room while he rocked and walked. 

I got up with her at 7.  She was full of excitement just like she is every morning.  I desperately would have loved another hour of sleep but her joy at the beginning of a new day is so refreshing, I can's help but come out of my morning fog and smile and tickle her belly while she giggles and roars like a tiger. 

He finally fell asleep.  At 9:30 I brought her back to bed for her morning nap.  She woke up when the street cleaner went by.  From the living room I could hear him shush her back to sleep. 

Our lives revolve around sleep....who's getting it, who isn't, who needs more and how to get it.  Move the crib, move the mattress, walk, shush, rock, nurse.

I already drank coffee and am contemplating a second cup knowing that I'm up for the day.  The day has begun and in fact I'm happy to be up, to sit quietly, listen to cars whoosh past in the rain and hum of the refridgerator.  A break. 

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